The followings are selected portfolio companies invested by current Kaiwu team

  • ChineseAll

    Leading digital publishing company in China in the booming Chinese eBook industry.

  • Access

    Sino-Israel joint venture built on revolutionary coreless IC substrate technology

  • eFreight

    I.T. solutions provider for traditional freight logistic services

  • Counect

    Mobile O2O solution provider that uses an innovative dynamic QR code technology

  • Union Optech

    Mid- to high-end optical and electric lens developer and producer

  • BioChain

    Reproductive health-related molecular diagnostic company

  • DaKang

    Dialysis clinic chain that has obtained China's first "pilot testing permit"

  • BGI Tech

    Global leader in genomic sequencing services

  • Reach Surgical

    A surgical device company developing open, endoscopic and energy-based surgical devices for China and other developing markets

  • Chiral Quest

    A pharmaceutical fine chemical and API product company with a unique chemistry technology platform

  • Ray Power

    A power grid frequency regulation service provider using large scale energy storage technologies

  • iRena

    A leading sports arena management franchise in China

  • Heng Feng

    A new material and advanced manufacturer that supplies special conducting material to the aviation, car electronics, telecommunication and defense industries

  • Changshu Autoparts

    An auto-parts manufacturer that supplies key interior parts to leading high-end car makers in China and overseas

  • Dano

    Integrated solution and technical services provider for gas and oil field development

  • Beta

    C-13 & C-14 isotopes supplier

  • YiCai

    Online sales platform for life science lab supplies

  • MicroPoint

    Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT) systems and solutions provider

  • Apricot Forest

    Mobile healthcare startup that offers information services to physicians

  • More Chinese

    MoreChinese tries to make education gamification, focusing children's "learn with fun"

  • Danke

    A branded platform that provides long-term shared apartment rental services for young professionals

  • Milestone

    An online travel service provider that offers self-guided overseas travel services

  • Cloudminds

    A technology company focusing on enterprise mobility products and services. It aims to build and support the end-to-end ecosystem to support cloud connected smart machines, such as smart phones and robots

  • Bossa Nova

    Robotic service provider for retailers with inventory management through machine vision and quasi real time analysis

  • Maitao

    An O2O platform for children experiential education activities such as boy scout adventure, career exploration, archaeology tour, parent-child event and trip, etc

  • Qpoint

    The company is committed to the development of artificial intelligence Internet education andthe online children's English training